How can we help you? Asked a lot of times in the service industry and yet rarely listened to or acted upon. At The Cruise Travellers, we feel that a high level of customer service starts the moment we say hello!  “How may we help you, turn your dreams of a cruise vacation, into a reality?” “How may we help you turn an average vacation into the trip of a lifetime?” “How may we help you plan your trip, reunion or other special event?

They are not just words that we say, but the basic level of service that we believe in. Each and every one of our customers, no matter your budget, is important to us. Your pampering starts with a one-to-one interview with one of our Cruise Concierges. They will listen to all of your requirements, needs, wants and desires for your vacation, then after gathering that information we will put together a package with several proposals. A second interview will answer all of your questions about the proposed packages and plans, and making any revisions as necessary.

We will be with you each step of the way from the time you choose your trip, till ship boarding, making ourselves available to answer any concerns and keeping you alerted to any changes that may arise due to weather, etc. If you just want to book yourself, you can do that on our site, but know that our Cruise Concierge does not incur additional fees, it is part of the level of service we wish to provide to you. We do not just wish to satisfy you, we wish to delight you!

How may we help you today set your dreams to sail?

Melody J. Laughlin CEO / Cruise Concierge The Cruise Travellers

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